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All  our driving instructors are fully qualified. They have at least 7 years of experience at their job. It means that they have a green dsa licence and their names are in official register of driving instructors in UK. Our driving instructors knows all local roads and practical exams routes in Southampton area. And know how to create advantageous  environment to teach their students effectively. 

Our clients praise their professionalism, and  you can read their opinions in reviews section. All vehicles used at our R&A Driving School are fully equiped in dual control system.


I cannot recommend them highly enough. After waisting my time and money with another driving instructor, I was recommended R&A Driving School. After first lesson I knew I'm at the right place to get my licence and not be fleeced. They do know what they doing and how to get you to pass. Great individual approach and very knowledgeable. Thank You


I could not recommend R & A Driving School highly enough to anyone.This driving school deserves MORE THAN A FIVE STAR REVIEW! they the most amazing school you can ever have to get that pink license. Not only that they taught me the skills I needed to pass but he also given me confidence to believe in myself ,which I think played the most important part in the success of my driving test full professionalism is admirable. I started my lessons with R and A after failing my first attempt from another instructor which I did almost 80 hours of lessons. With R and A expertise in teaching I can say that I had the best driving experience and I couldn't thank him enough. Excellent service indeed that goes above and beyond for what you pay for the lesson! Thank you so much R & A Driving School


A professional team of experienced instructors. Riding with them on board is pure pleasure and zero stress as well as an individual approach to each student. Thanks to him anyone can become a steering wheel master. I would highly recommend :)


Our driving school stands out:

  • Friendly approach to the student and stress-free learning.
  • Pickup from the designated place and end of the lesson also at any address in Southampton.
  • 1: 1 teaching system without bringing other students to focus 100% on improving the skills of the future driver.
  • Each driving lesson lasts a full 60 to 120 minutes depending on individual needs and lesson plan.
  • Lessons are held until late in the evening(Southampton ).
  • Training in comfortable CER cars, Citoren, Peugeot, Mazda, Vauxhall.
  • Learning takes place along the exam routes to learn all the difficult points.
  • We provide the car for exam, to people who are ready to take the practical exam.
    • Driving Schools for novice drivers who are learning the automotive alphabet.
    • Intensive driving courses in our driving school allow you to pass tests in just a few weeks.
    • Refreshing driving courses ideal for those who want to refresh their driving skills.
    • Advanced Courses in North London for those drivers who want to take their driving skills to the next level.
    • Highway driving courses for those drivers who want to get extra confidence in their skills when driving on the highway.

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We provide our clients with the best organized driving course for all types of clients throughout Southampton and the surrounding area. We provide excellent driving lessons at very affordable prices. We believe that driving lessons should be a pleasant experience until you pass your driving test. Most importantly, we want you to learn all skills, to be a confident and safe driver for the rest of your life. At R&A, we always strive to provide a friendly learning environment for students to make them feel comfortable and pass their driving test.


At R&A, you'll benefit from ethical teaching that is based on friendly and professional training that has helped us gain an excellent reputation by providing a relaxing, stress-free learning environment. Our training ensures that our students aren't only taught to drive in a short time, but driving lessons are also a positive experience which is an important factor in successful learning!


We use the TRAINING PROGRAM, which has been specially developed to ensure that our students reach the necessary level, regardless of their experience and current ability to drive a car. A simple but effective teaching system,developed in our driving school, allows students to quickly learn and remember new driving procedures and techniques. The use of simple schemes helps students understand what we learn and what we want to achieve in each lesson. This technique will help you in the process of learning each topic of driving until you remember what to do without the help of an instructor. This is a simple but very effective way!

Top 10 Mistakes In The Exam:


Source: Driving Standards Agency (DSA)


1. Observation at intersections - inefficient observation and poor assessment of the situation.
2. Reverse parking - ineffective observation or inaccurate parking of the car (e.g. running over a curb, placing the vehicle too far from the curb, and crossing the appropriate parking area).
3. Using mirrors - not checking mirrors or incorrect response to observed maneuvers.
4. Reversing in an arc along the curb - incorrect observation or not sufficiently precise maneuver.
5. Incorrect use of direction indicators - not turning off the direction indicators or transmitting erroneous signals.
6. Safe joining the traffic - incomplete observation.
7. Incorrect road observation - on roundabouts or corners.
8. Imprecise car control - excessive turning or too late turning.
9. Incorrect turn right - at intersections and one-way roads.
10. Speed mismatching to road conditions - driving too slow or uncertain


At our driving school, we emphasise these small details that seem to be harmless or unimportant to the subject of learning how to drive. To overcome these mistakes, you must stay focus and always be prepared for the lesson. If you feel like you not there yet, you can buy additional hours with a driving instructor. And refine some manoeuvers, such as parking or roundabouts.

Does fear have big eyes?

A bit like that...


Does fear have big eyes?

A bit like that. Too often, we meet people who are well prepared to drive a car, however, they lose confidence during driving test. And in our driving school,we believe that confidence, certainty is the key to success.


Forget the maneuvering area!

Driving lessons in the UK take place on public roads. All maneuvers are tested in real conditions. Our driving school will perfectly prepare you so you can do any maneuvers without a problem.


Don't worry if you've never sat behind the wheel before and you feel insecure. Our experienced instructors will make you love driving


Stress is a bad adviser in every aspect of life. Behind the wheel may take away our confidence, which translates into bad choices, and this can ultimately be dangerous for us and other road users. Therefore, from the beginning of the driving course you need to learn to control your emotions


Remember - no one was born with the ability to drive a car, each of us participated in process of learning, so it's no shame to make mistakes. This is what driving lessons with an instructor do - teach you right reactions and reflexes,so you can transform theoretical knowledge into practical. Build confidence in yourself through excellent preparation of traffic knowledge and vehicle mechanics at our R&A Southampton Drivng School.


Be focused! During lessons or while driving with another driver, pay attention to what is happening on the road, especially to the maneuvers of other cars. Try to analyze and identify errors and suggest your own solutions.


Don't stress! An unsuccessful driving exam isn't the end of the world. If you don't pass, you can take some extra lessons and approach it again.


Be ready! The driving test in the UK doesn’t require a specific number of hours. That’s why you have to assess for yourself whether you feel confident behind the wheel or if you still have something to correct. Take the appropriate amount of time to practice and you’ll pass the exam without any problems.


Be confident! Carefully observe the intersections, roundabouts and road surroundings. When driving, use interior mirrors and rear view mirrors so that the examiner can be sure that you know what you’re doing. Before each maneuver - changing lanes, passing, overtaking - make sure you have enough space to do it by checking the mirrors. Don't forget the signpost! Don't worry about mistakes!

These happen to everyone, even experienced drivers. If you make a mistake that won’t affect the exam, don’t stress and continue driving. If you didn’t do the maneuver, just tell the examiner: "I’ll do this maneuver again". After correcting the maneuver, you still have the chance to pass the exam. Ask! If you aren’t sure what to do, ask the examiner to repeat the instruction.

Listen to commands! One of the most common mistakes made during the exam is choosing a different lane or direction from the one the examiner indicated. Incorrect turn doesn’t result in a lack of success in the exam, while incorrect observation or signaling unfortunately does.


During the driving test, we often make quick, ill-considered decisions, probably wanting to show how smoothly we’re traveling on the road or how confidently we perform maneuvers. Such exaggerated bravado can translate into NEGATIVE EXAM RESULT.


One mistake isn't the end of the exam. Did you turn left even though the examiner ordered right? Rememeber - You can also make mistakes during the exam. It’s important to not repeat any mistake twice. Try to focus on driving and stay calm.


1. If you get an examiner who failed you recently. The advice is simple: you're here to pass. Has he failed you lately? Show him you can do better. And believe me, he really doesn't remember you. For him, you're another person to examine. That's all. So show what you can do.

2. You perform maneuvers that you don't know very well. Think how many times you’ve been doing this maneuver and that you’re able to do it anywhere. Focus on the task!

3. You’re here to pass! Not to see how it’s, how you behave or to try yourself. You’re here to pass the last element - practical driving exam - and pick up your driving license.