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The first thing you need to check is whether your driving instructor appears in the official register of DSA driving instructors. Driving instructors must display a driving license on their vehicle's windscreen during training for students. A fully qualified instructor will have a green badge and an intern will have a pink badge. Driving instructors must go through a very rigorous qualification process, which includes three parts of exam. Only if they show that they have a solid understanding of instructional techniques will they be awarded green badges. Driving instructors who have a pink badge are in the process of obtaining full qualifications and haven't passed the driving instruction exam yet. About 75% of interns fail this exam and only 25% of interns are fully qualified.

The price of a driving lesson is just one factor to consider when you're choosing a driving instructor. We can find instructors who are reliable, have teaching qualifications and skills, years of experience and many satisfied customers. For these reasons they're in demand, not because they're the cheapest in the city. Their clients learn faster and need less lessons to pass their driving test. People often look for a driving instructor who's "good and cheap" unfortunately these two things rarely go hand in hand.


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A good instructor is a patient instructor who don't only possesses...

but also knows how to convey the knowledge and skills to the student.

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  • The cost of the lesson is also the income of the Driving Instructor, which is why we ask you for 48 hours notification of cancellation of the lesson.
  • Lessons canceled within 48 hours may still be subject to a fee.
  • Our instructors always try to reach the agreed lessons without being late. However, the nature of the instructor's work means that occasionally, for reasons beyond the control of the instructor, he'll be forced to change the date of the lesson or cancel it.
  • Extremely rare and exclusive due to road safety, the Instructor may withhold permission to use his car during the driving test if, in his opinion, the student is unable to control the car himself. The student will be notified immediately about the decision.
  • In a situation where the driving test has been canceled by the Driving Standard Agency, the student is still obliged to cover the costs of the exam.
  • If the student regularly attends to driving lessons, the driving course shouldn't last longer than 4 months.
  • If the student notoriously cancels the designated driving hours or they take place once every 2 weeks or less, the instructor has the right to terminate cooperation with the student.
  • Driving lessons can only take place if the student presents a valid document - Provisional License.
  • Our driving school accepts the following payment methods: bank transfers, checks and cash, after prior arrangement with the Instructor.
  • If the student enrolls for lessons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the instructor has the right to refuse lessons.



Our Driving School specializes in well-designed routes that are used during driving tests.


In addition, our instructors, as the only ones in the industry, after each driving lesson with a student profile access to the recording of driving lessons. These recordings allow trainees to analyze the mistakes made or consolidate the technique needed to e.g. overcome particularly difficult roundabouts or intersections. This is especially helpful when the student is just before the driving test. He can then recall selected routes again.


Another project we're currently working on in our driving school is an opportunity using our channel on the YouTube platform. There will be available videos, made by our instructors, which will show the correct techniques of driving a car or joining the traffic on a roundabout. Each of the students of our driving school will have access to these recordings thanks to special codes that will be made available by our instructors


In addition, instructors of our driving school provide students with socalled black spots. These are the most common mistakes made during driving tests. We believe that analyzing these errors can't only improve the pass rate of driving tests, but also improve road safety.

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