Frequently ask questions:

Q: How old I need to be, to start taking driving lessons ?

A: Minimum 17 Years Old.


Q: What documents do I need to start driving lessons?

A: You will need First Provisional Driving Licence. To apply for it, visit our How to start section


Q: How many hours of driving lessons do I need to pass the practical test?

A: There is no required amount of hours before you can take practical test. However, it will depend on how fast you learn. Our instructors will offer you a mock test so that you can check yourself how it feels.


Q: How experienced are the instructors at R&A?

A: All of our instructors are ADI (Approved Driving Instructors). We have been teaching for 8 years in Southampton and surrounding areas. You can check our successful students on our Facebook page (link in OUR Facebook section).


Q: Can I drive a moped when I've my Category B driving exam ?

A: Unfortunetly not, if You have passed your exam beofre 1st February 2001, You can ride a moped up to 50cc.


Q: How long is the theory test valid?

A: 2 Years.


Q: Do i have to take theory ad practical test at the same city?

A: No, You can choose different cities.


Q: While i've got Category B driving licence for a automatic gearbox, can I drive manual car ?

A: Unfortunetly Not.


Q: Who is providing the car for the practical driving test ?

A: You have two options to choose. You can pass the exam in instructor's car or you can take the exam in your own car , which must be adequately insured.






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